April 2016 Meeting


This month, on Thursday, April 14, we are going to focus on some Critiquing and Brainstorming.

Here are the details:  
6:45 Doors Open

7:00 Devotional

7:15 Critiquing and Brainstorming Sessions. 
Attendees may choose to visit a Critique or Brainstorm Group. Members will form groups of four and are encouraged to group with other writers in similar genres(if available).

8:25 Closing Prayer.

A few pointers on Critiquing andBrainstorming as a refresher.

1. We will divide into groups of 4.
2. Each member will get 15 minutesto work on their project
3. Bring 4 copies of your 1 page,single-spaced work to be critiqued.
4. I recommend spending 8 to 9 minutes allowing others to read your work, and 7 to 6 minutes discussing it.
If you are the reader point out what you enjoyed about the piece, any mistakes you noticed, and offer suggestions to improve from your perspective.

This is straight forward, talk about what you want to do with your book idea or where you’d like to take your work in progress. Simply lay out your ideas or existing timeline in fairly brief detail(within 5 minutes) and ask for ideas on what comes next.
     Tips: As ideas are offered that won’t fit your book, don’t shoot them down with anti-aircraft weapons, graciously acknowledge them as good ideas and specify how you’d like to take the story in a different direction. Also while offering ideas don’t stop offering them if some of them won’t work. Your doing your job correctly and it is always appreciated by the one looking for ideas.
Our meeting will be held at Meridian First Baptist Church in Meridian at 7pm!
428 W Pine Ave, Meridian, ID 83642

Come join us for devotion, good fellowship, critiquing, and brain storming!


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