Welcome Back!

We hope to see you on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 7 p.m.

The board gathered the results of the survey, met over the summer, and developed a plan to implement your suggestions!

First off, we have a new meeting place. We remain a non-denominational group of Christian writers, but teamed up with Meridian First Baptist Church as our new meeting place. We are so thankful they are opening up the use of their library to our group free of charge. Not only will it be a larger space with plenty of chairs and tables, but we will be surrounded with books. Ah, books…Don’t you feel inspired and encouraged already?  Click on the link above for Google Map directions.

Second, you may notice a new meeting format. Based on your input, we hope the monthly meetings reflect what our attendees want most. Here is a typical agenda:

An information table in front of the library will hold: name tags, signups for events, the Idahope Library, and a question submission box.

7pm: Icebreaker/writing exercise will be introduced.

7:30-745 pm: Devotional time followed by prayer.

7:45 p.m .Critique Groups or Brainstorming Groups

Critique Groups will be divided, ideally, in groups of four. Members are encouraged to join other writers in similar genres.

Bring four copies of your ONE page, single-spaced work to be critiqued.

Each member will have ten minutes dedicated to their work. The first five minutes are allotted to read aloud your work while others follow along. The remaining five minutes are used as time for readers to point out what they enjoyed and any possible suggestions.


Grouping recommendations are the same as above. Each writer has ten minutes to request & gather ideas from others in the group. Use specific questions and try to keep explanations of the plot thus far to a minimum due to the time constraints.

Use positive words in trying to steer the group to ideas/paths you need such as “Yes,and…” (Instead of “no, because…”)

8:30 p.m. Closing Prayer

*Critique and Brainstorm will be replaced by special speakers in some instances


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