Idahope Writers Holiday Sale! November 26 — 30, 2014

The following books by Idahope writers will be on sale, November 26, 2014 through November 30, 2014 for only .99 cents!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dale Roy EricksonHeaven_Help_Us_Short_Cover_for_Kindle

Heaven Help Us Short Stories Volume Two

The short stories of Heaven Help Us Volume Two can each stand alone and should be appreciated by anyone. They are part of a multi-platform curriculum designed to help young people grow in their connection with God. The short stories volumes one and two are designed to be part of the homework for the curriculum. The 35-lesson curriculum will include 35 short stories, a smartphone application that provides seven thoughts on prayer with the supporting Scripture for each lesson (a total of 245 prompts), an active participation student manual, a teacher’s manual with guidelines for teaching the lessons, a session planning sheet for each lesson, additional teacher resources, and of course, tests for each unit. The curriculum is designed for the following possible settings: release time courses for public schools, middle school and high school youth groups, homeschool, Christian schools, and the training of indigenous Christian leaders.

Genre: Education


Hilarey JohnsonPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00038]

Heart of Petra

She longed for adventure…the safe kind.
Twenty-year-old Leah Petra Jones calls out to God for an adventure, something more than life as the dutiful daughter of a worship pastor.

Only, in a church filled with secrets, adventure already waits.

At first sign of risk she reneges—but it’s too late. A handsome intern pastor helps the church transition right into a scheme where she is both prize and pawn. Petra learns that the most dangerous adventure can happen right in your own church.

Genre: Spiritual Suspense


Adam Graham07-dimknight-600

Tales of the Dim Knight

What would you do if you had superpowers?

Dave Johnson is the world’s biggest superhero fan. His comics allow him to escape the pain of the real world where he’s stuck in a dead end job and his wife and eldest son have lost respect for him.

Then Dave meets Zolgron, a symbiotic alien banished from his home world and forced to give great powers to whoever he attaches to. With Zolgron’s help, Dave becomes Powerhouse, a super strong, superfast crime fighter whose super imagination can mold reality to his vision. Dave sets off to save the day just like a comic book superhero and hilarity ensues.

Genre: Science Fiction


Angela Ruth StrongSnowball Fight Pro Cover

The Snowball Fight Professional (Amazon) The Snowball Fight Professional (Barnes and Noble)

Joey Michaels must make enough money with his snowball fighting business to buy his grandma a gift, thus convincing her he is responsible enough to take care of one of her puppies. Unfortunately, his cousin also wants the puppy and is doing everything he can to sabotage Joey’s efforts. Looks like it’s going to be an all-out winter war. Book 2 in the Fun4Hire series for ages 8-12.

Genre: Middle-Grade Humor


Rebecca Carey LylesPassageways-front cover-Final

Passageways (Amazon) Passageways (Barnes and Noble) 

Four authors who also happen to be friends. Sixteen unique short stories. From tales of spies and trains and John Wayne, to monks, magic and marriage, you’ll be entertained, challenged and inspired.

Genre: Short Stories


Elaine Sherman Sturm                             COVER - Sherman     


Sherman, an adventure through life for the author and her family. From Montreal, where she was born, four siblings, mom and dad, survived the cold of winter and the humid heat of summer on the Atlantic. A poor family, health issues moved them to the west coast, to Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia. With both parents having a strong work ethic it didn’t take long to find work to support the family. Her Mother, Rae, a borderline genius, worked as a waitress most of her life to help keep the family fed and in good clothes, sometimes living above their means. The stress of debt caused many migraines for her father, Issie, who worked as a janitor most of his life, but his job was much more than that. Working mostly at hospitals, he spent time with patients, becoming a friend and an encourager to many. If one parent was sick the other got a second job. They did all they could to survive and provide for their children.

Genre: Memoir


B.D. Riehl TheHeavensAreTellingFront_0300

The Heavens Are Telling (Book Two Child of Deliverance Series)

A frightened teen rescued from the horrors of the licentious streets of Pattaya, Thailand, Nataya, immediately regrets leaving her friend Suchin behind in the brothel. But when Nataya is given life-changing news, she learns that Suchin isn’t the only one that still needs rescuing.

A lonely Peace Corps volunteer in Cambodia, Jakobi, wants to make a difference in the world. The arrival of two orphaned children in the small village where she lives soon challenges everything Jakobi thought she knew about life and humanity.

The owner of an eclectic clothing store in Boise, Idaho, Zanna, is fiercely independent. She doesn’t need her family or anyone else. Or at least that’s what she thinks until one horrifying morning changes everything in her life.

Three compelling and heart-wrenching journeys interweave in unexpected ways to challenge the most basic of beliefs.

Genre: Christian fiction/suspense


Lisa Phillips Sanctuary Lost Ebook

Sanctuary Lost–WITSEC Town Series Book 1 (Amazon) Sanctuary Lost–WITSEC Town Series Book 1 (Barnes and Noble)

U.S. Marshal John Mason gains full custody of his son and is transferred to Sanctuary, a witness protection town that isn’t on any map. When the town’s first ever murder occurs, John’s plans to reconnect with his boy are derailed by the investigation. Andra Caleri gave up her old life a long time ago, but someone wants her out of Sanctuary–to pay. As accusations fly and John uncovers a conspiracy that stretches all the way to Washington, Andra’s past comes back in a true test of the mercy she received. Can John give up what he wants the most to bring the truth to light?

Genre: romantic suspense/mystery


Kristine McCordSanta

The Santa Society

Magic. Myth. Miracles. They say there’s truth in legends.

The real Santa Claus is nothing like you’ve imagined. Get ready for the Christmas love story of a lifetime.

Last Christmas, Erin Sinclair came home to be with her dying mother. This Christmas will be a year, and Erin still can’t move on. Fortunately, everything in her life is about to change. A behemoth dog named Klaus and Reason-the-handsome-realtor enter the picture, and together they turn Erin’s life upside down…in a good way.

Reason offers to help Erin sell her mother’s house, an effort that turns into a circus of fiascos. Just when it seems her luck can’t get any worse, Erin finds herself falling in love with Reason, the man of intrigue himself. But he’s more than he seems, and now Erin is immersed in the clandestine world of the Santa Society, a centuries old secret organization that protects the truth behind Christmas.

Winner of the 2013 Mistletoe Christmas Romance Award Top 10 Idaho Book Award Fiction 2013

Genre: Christmas Romance


Danney ClarkShield of Justice cover

Shield of Justice

Book three in the Cady Miller series, first story begins in Baker City Oregon.

 Genre: Christian mystery, adventure, political intrigue


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